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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Understanding, part 3

Yesterday was the third, and final, installment in our unit on understanding blindness.

We talked about sports that would be available to a visually impaired person and how others might be modified.  We learned about goalball which is a sport specifically for the visually impaired.  You can see it played here.

Next, each child was assigned the name of a person who is visually impaired.  Options might be Louis Braille, Fanny Crosby, Helen Keller, Morris Frank (and/or Buddy, the dog), Ray Charles, or Erik Weihenmayer.  They were given an assignment to research their person and to create a poster presentation for the group.  The posters were to answer the following questions:

1.  Tell us something about your person's childhood, including how and when he/she went blind.
2.  Tell us something about your person's adulthood.
3.  What is your person known for?
4.  If you could choose 5 descriptive words for your person, what would they be?
5.  What does this person's life teach you?
6.  If your person's life was made into a movie, what would you call it?
7.  What is one quote from your person that you found interesting?

The children also included 3 pictures of their person and used a stylus to "write" their person's name in Braille.

The presentations were interesting and informative and we all learned that blindness doesn't have to stop someone from pursuing a dream.

Finally, we took some of Victor's board books and added textures, 3-D objects, and braille to make them more enjoyable for him.

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