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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The genetics of passive aggressiveness

I am an unashamed adherent to the passive aggressive philosophy in relationships. It works for me. I recently found proof that some of my children have picked up on these tendencies as well.

I have a daughter who is the crafting queen.  At age 9.  She is also a prolific writer and I find the beginnings of stories and books in notebooks and on scraps of paper all over the house.  A recent cleaning of the basement unearthed a 3 ring binder with a collection of lined notebook paper which is supposed to be used for school only.  The first page read as follows:

Riters note

Dear reder and lover of crafts
my name is Eden, Eden Joy King. I love crafts do you? Well if you don't I hope that at the end of this book you will love crafts even more then me.
and if you like crafts rite now then I hope you will love this book

Added to the bottom of this paper were the following words:

Hello Writer,
I like crafts too but I do not think Mom will be happy that you used this paper. Give it to Mom.
From, Isaac

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