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Friday, February 28, 2014

Exploring talent

Let me just say that I have the most talented children.  But before another mother slugs me for that comment, let me add that we all have talented children. They've all been made with a purpose, with gifts to be used for the Kingdom. It is our job to help them find the areas in which they can shine and spread God's light. For some, like Mariana, this is easy. She came out projecting her voice to every end of the hospital and she hasn't stopped yet.

For other children, it takes more time to find their niche. That's okay.

I'm always saddened when I see children or teens trying more to be like someone else than searching for and using their own gifts.  So many kids will latch themselves onto another person, copy-catting their every activity, trying hard to be like that friend.  I hurt for them as they come up short exploring talents that aren't theirs while their obvious talents are left dormant and little opportunity is given or taken to grow in these areas.

But back to Mariana, our born actress. Last night was opening night of Anything Goes at the local high school. This is my daughter, Erma for the time being, doing what she does best. Excellent work, Mariana!

For her next role, coming up in April, she'll be the adulteress in an Easter production.  Should I be worried about this casting?

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