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Friday, February 21, 2014

Roses are red, cinnamon rolls are brown...

I hear that it is National Sticky Bun Day.  Woo hoo!  Go celebrate!  I'm not sure if it means you should have a cinnamon roll in honor of the day or if it means you should save the tasty heart attack on a dessert plate and refuse to buy or eat one on its day of celebration.  The Good Doctor has decided that it  means a dozen red roses should arrive on my doorstep.  At least that's what I thought until I read the card.  It did not say, "Happy Sticky Bun Day" but instead said something mushy about this being Valentine's Day and all.  Seems as if those roses he ordered to be delivered on Valentine's Day finally arrived, a week late, but not too late, of course, to celebrate the breakfast item/dessert already referenced.

Roses are red,
Cinnamon rolls are brown.
Flowers that arrive a week late,
Could make the Good Doctor frown.

And if you want to know which company you should NOT use next Valentine's Day, you might want to check with the Good Doctor first.

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