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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Finalization celebration, part 1

On October 27 I announced that we have an adoption finalization date.  I asked you to celebrate with us by sharing your thoughts and prayers during Victor's journey.  And they're coming in.  Thank you.  Your words are so encouraging.  I'll share a sampling here:

"Victor's testimony continues to inspire me every day.  Of course none of that would be possible without the Christ-like love you King family continue to show him, as well as loving all people you come into contact with.  I am privileged ... to have personal relationships with your whole family.  I don't know where I would be in life without the King crew, so I thank God every day to know a family so compassionate, energetic, and loving as yourselves."

"Sweet Victor. This story has been so inspirational to me. It touched me to my core and furthered my desire to be more pro-active in the right to life movement. It also further sparked a growing flame for adoption and orphan care. Yes, his life and this adoption has meant a lot to me. Thank-you!"

"I have yet to see you, to hold you, to touch you. But yet I know you through your parents who are so thrilled to have you. Through brothers and sisters who can't put you down. It is amazing to me you have any time when someone is NOT holding you. You were prayed for, thought about and so wanted before you were even conceived  God has a plan for you.  God knows what you will be. God has you and calls you His child. He is just letting the Kings be your parents for a few years."

"I am writing this to be a part of the joyous celebration of the finalization of Victor's adoption. Praise God!

When I found out about your decision to adopt Victor, my heart did a crazy twist and I started then to pray for all of you. [We] had a micro preemie ourselves. Born at the same number of weeks, exactly the same weight, and of course, he resembled ET. Unfortunately our little guy did not live and I was so afraid that you would have to suffer the same heart ache. In the beginning, my prayers were only for his survival.Then I found myself beginning to pray for individual parts of his body, especially his lungs.Then, as the days continued, I prayed for the precious little person who showed so much determination to overcome all of his problems. 

Through the journey that was Utah, I found that when I prayed for Victor the Lord laid other's in need on my heart and I became so much more thankful for what I have. Our son is also adopted, and even though there have been many trials with raising him... he suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome...I know that being his mother has been good for me. After all, God does not make mistakes!!

My prayers for Victor's future are that he grows up to be a Godly man who loves his family and and his  Lord. 

I know that God has many wonderful things in store for Victor. He will continue to touch lives. I will continue to pray for his physical problems and will continue to pray for both of you as the journey that is Victor's life unfolds.

Congratulations to the entire family!"

Thank you!  I am thrilled to know that Victor's story has blessed so many others.  I am excited that God has used Victor to teach you about serving, about blessing, about life, and about others.  What ministry has already come from his 6 months of life: People who are passionate about the right to life movement, people more interested in adoption, people who are finding their place to serve, and people who are praying more fervently for the many needs around them.  Every moment, I'd do it all over again for Victor, and for all of you.  As I watch him learning how to smile and to laugh (mostly with his siblings, of course), and to explore his environment, I am continually reminded that he is fearfully and wonderfully made and that God knew him before his birth mother knew he was there, before we knew who he was and that every single day was planned for him.  Not only for him, but for each of us who know him.  

God is good,
All the time!  
All the time,  
God is good!

Please continue to send us your thoughts and prayers.  What a blessing they are!


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