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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finalization celebration, part 2

These two notes came on the same day and both reference "Sweet Victor."  I just love that.

"Oh, sweet, sweet Victor. Thank you for showing us Jesus. King Family, your journey of faith is inspiring and has brought us a greater understanding of what it means to truly follow Jesus, even when it’s tough, and even when it doesn’t make sense. I feel a special connection with Victor, since he and [our son] are so close in age, and I pray that they will be good friends that will help each other grow in Christ. I think one of the most amazing things about your journey, Kings, is how I have seen your other children grow in faith, maturity and love. Watching Eden’s commitment to prayer during this time has been amazing and inspiring. Watching Hope’s sweet, nurturing love for her baby brother is so special. Watching Mariana’s protective, motherly touch is precious. And seeing how protective the boys are over him is awesome too! We sure do love the King family and that sweet little bundle of baby!"

"Sweet Little Victor,                                                               

I remember the call for prayer from your mom and dad. 
A call out to those who knew and loved your family, to ask for us to pray for them to hear God’s voice clearly and know which direction to go.
After much prayer, God shone a light directly on the path that led them to YOU!
I felt it.  Others felt it.  It was YOU!  YOU were THE ONE!
God had knit your little body together, given you a tenacious spirit to fight and survive and then He gave you a BIG present.  A forever family! 

Even when I didn’t know what you looked like, I knew you would be just perfect.  God doesn’t make mistakes and He surely made you and gave you life.  HE WANTED YOU….and so did your Mommy and Daddy and all your brothers and sisters.

Oh how they prayed for YOU.  They kept all of us well updated on how you were doing.   Once your mommy got to Utah to be with you, we began to see such wonderful pictures of You and your mommy snuggling and cuddling. 
She gave up SO much because she loved you so much!  You were that important to her.  You were that important to the whole family.  Your mommy spent endless hours beside you in the hospital in Utah.  She sang to you and prayed for you and held you and helped you grow!  She talked to you and touched you and dreamed for and about you.
Your family back home did the same in their hearts.  They wondered about you, and prayed for you to grow strong.  They gathered around the computer to see pictures of you.  They talked about you A LOT!  

I remember the excitement from your family before they piled into the van and drove out to Utah.  “We’re going to meet Victor”.   I wonder what you thought, when one after the other came to your side and talked to you…touched you…held you….sang to you.
You weren’t given just a family – you were bombarded with brothers and sisters who couldn’t keep their hands and eyes and lips off of you. 

Each day while in you and mommy were in Utah, I would pray for you to grow and get stronger.  Sometimes we had to pray pretty hard when your body was tired and didn’t want to fight anymore, but God picked you up and said “its time to grow again Victor”….and you would get bigger and stronger.  You are an overcomer!  You have incredible strength!

The first time I held you shortly after you got home to your house, I KNEW YOU WERE CHOSEN for this family;   to be cared for and loved and valued by every one of them.   You were chosen for more than to receive their love.  You were chosen to help grow their love; to make this great family even greater!  They were going to learn so much about love and sacrifice and joy and trust and faith and enjoying the simple things – because YOU were theirs. 

As I’ve watched you grow from an itty bitty little bundle of helplessness to a strong, growing, mover and a shaker of 7 months, I am more aware that God’s design for you was not just to give you a forever family, but to use you to bless your family and offer them something no one else could.  YOU are a gift!  YOU are on purpose!  YOU are so highly valued and cherished.  It is obvious to see how much your family loves you.  It is obvious to see so many others who love you too. 

 As I pray each day for you and your family Victor, I KNOW God is already using your life to be a blessing to people you haven’t even met.   I have no doubt His hand is on you to guide you, and his eyes are on you to follow you wherever you go, and in whatever you do.  Officially you’re being given the name “King”, but you’ve always been one to God. Called and Chosen. He knew, before you were made, that YOU would enter this family and bring so much to so many.

You are dearly loved and celebrated today and everyday!
Congratulations on officially becoming a KING!"

Tomorrow's the day when Victor officially becomes Victor Noah King.  Keep your stories, thoughts, and prayers coming.  I didn't realize how much they were going to mean to me but they've been so encouraging.  Thank you.

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