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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great news!

We have a finalization date!  November 4 it is.

Remember way back when we asked you to pray for favor with the judge so we wouldn't have to return to Utah for finalization?  Well, you prayed, God answered.  In some ways this makes our adoption finalization anti-climactic.  The judge and lawyer will be there.  We'll be here.  No family picture in the courtroom.

We can't fill the courtroom like we did last time.

We can't have a group prayer over Victor in the courtroom (we will forever be thankful to the judge who believes it's a free country and this falls under a free speech issues, thereby allowing this for HopeAnne's adoption).

We won't release butterflies like we did last time; wrong time of year.

And we won't have a big open house to celebrate because we can't have all of those germs through our doors.

Even more so than HopeAnne's adoption, we have been surrounded by such a large community of people from all over.  We want to have you celebrate with us.  This is a big deal.  Finalization means that Victor is officially a King with all of the rights and privileges of being an heir.  Nothing can change that.  He will be forever ours.  His birth certificate will be legally changed, listing us as parents.  In the eyes of the law, he will finally be what he has been to us all along, our son.

So what to do?  What to do?  This has been our question.

We've decided to have a virtual celebration.  Since we can't invite you all to our home to share with each other what Victor has meant to us all, we'd like to hear from you in writing.  Please write to us, letting us know what Victor's story has meant to you.  How has it changed you?  What have been your thoughts in these past 6 months?  What has God been speaking to you?  What has been your prayer for Victor?  What are your prayers for his future?  Please take some time to write your thoughts down and send them to us.  Either leave a message here (although we know many people are unable to post here, sorry, I'm the most technologically unsavvy person and don't know why your posts don't show up), on Facebook, send an email to kingzoo@comcast.net, or send us a real letter.  We will save these for Victor and I may anonymously post some of them on this blog.  I have a feeling words are going to mean much more to him than pictures.

Oh, and please pray that there are no complications surrounding this date and finalization.

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  1. Sweet Victor. This story has been so inspirational to me. It touched me to my core and furthered my desire to be more pro-active in the right to life movement. It also further sparked a growing flame for adoption and orphan care. Yes, his life and this adoption has meant a lot to me. Thank-you!