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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Visit Your Neighbors Night

Our children may or may not be allowed to play dress up 365 days a year instead of just 364.  I know I shouldn't feel so judged by our decision on this issue as I'm the one who teaches people to not worry about differences in preferences but to keep the focus on the absolutes of raising godly children.  This articulated it so well.  Maybe it's because the Good Doctor is a man of the cloth and we live in a glass house.  Maybe it's because I used to work in a ministry with a man who would give me the same lecture every year, one week before October 31st.  But oh well, let's just get it all out in the open.

Last night was Superhero Night at Middle School Youth.  For fear of stating the obvious, Isaac went as Captain Obvious.  Actually, it was Captain Obvious sporting a brace on that newly broken wrist.  But I guess that's obvious.

Shoun changed his superhero idea too many times to count and then ran out the door with his last concoction before I could get a picture.  I don't know who the guy was anyway.  Someone who wears a yellow shirt, that's all I know.

And Jesse went as himself because he thinks of himself as a Superhero.  More amazing is that the 8th grade boys he leads also think he's a Superhero so they went dressed as him.

My oldest daughter does a pretty fine Sarah Palin accent so that's how she went to school.  Her friends are a little fed up with the fact that she stayed in character all day.  That's what an arts school will do to you.  If I hear how she can see Russia from her backyard one more time...

But then her friends had an Up party and she was chosen to go as Doug, the Dog.

The little girls resurrected these VeggieTales costumes that were originally worn by the three oldest (which included Percy Pea) a long time ago.  So what if the neighbors have no idea who Bob the Tomato and Madame Blueberry are?

And the little guy?  We couldn't decide which costume he should wear so we just kept changing.

Yeah, we wear costumes and visit our neighbors once a year.  Well, actually, some of us dress up more frequently than just annually and we do visit our neighbors more than once a year.  On the other hand, we probably don't visit our neighbors as often as we should.  I think rectifying that should be our goal for the next 365 days.

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