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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finalization celebration, part 3

You may remember the story of Katrina and how this beautiful woman from Wisconsin, met us in Pennsylvania, went on to Alaska and then moved to Utah, blessing me so much during my time with Victor yet away from the rest of the family.  She is forevermore known as Aunt Katrina to us and especially to Victor.  She has allowed me to share her thoughts here.

To my dearest Victor Noah King,

What an amazing journey we have been on, and here we are, celebrating the finalization of your adoption.  In six months, you and your family have shown me what it means to walk with Christ. 

I knew there was a reason I reason I moved out to Utah.  I remember praying that my time in Utah would be spent focusing on my faith and finding church before I had moved out here.  That's exactly what happened.  When I heard from your Mom and Dad that they may possibly be coming to Utah, my heart almost exploded.  We all knew that it was going to be a very difficult and trying time, but I was so excited at the chance to be in close proximity to family. I prayed and prayed that they would be the chosen applicant. Prayer answered.  

Then we met.  I remember seeing your tiny little body, so frail, and weak.  I loved you from that moment on. I saw the love exude out of your parents.  I saw the pain and hardship when they had to leave your side, as well as your siblings.  There was no other option than to love you, pray for you, and be there with you when I could. You were like a magnet I was being pulled towards. I remember the first time I held you, jaw wired shut, I was so nervous. Your parents were in Pennsylvania, and I was still getting familiar with the NICU and how it all works. I held you for 15 minutes. That changed my life. Any worldly problem I had seemed so insignificant while I held your little body, just fighting to survive. I knew God brought me here to love on you and your family during this time. This was my purpose. Victor, God plopped you right in these mountains and showed me how powerful He is, and how our prayers are answered. 

Holding you and loving you helped me grow in my faith as much as it helped your little body stabilize and grow. You were miracle after miracle.  Prayer answered after prayer answered.  The roller coaster of your health and all of our emotions at times seemed overwhelming. But then I would hold you, and would just be, humming you a simple melody. You would stabilize. We would be rocking gently in the chair. It seemed like the world stopped, and we were connected with the Holy Spirit embracing us.  It was also during this time that I saw your mother walk a walk of faith that inspired me beyond words. What a strong, loving and Godly woman. She showed me how to trust in God and let Him lead the road for us. What an amazing teacher, wife, mother, and friend.

As you grew stronger, the bond with me and your family grew stronger, as did my relationship with God. Seeing your siblings finally being able to meet you was another huge inspiration. Your health improved so drastically after you had been loved on by your entire family. God was working. He was answering our prayers. You were remembering to breathe. Before I knew it, you were healthy enough to leave, wearing your premie clothes and diapers that seemed ginormous, and only one single tube to help you breathe. I wasn't ready for you and your Mom and Dad to leave. You came by Park City and said good bye to me.  I held you for the first time outside of the hospital. You had cheeks on both ends. Your parents and I wept and prayed over you on that beautiful summer day. In the famous words of Alphaba and Glinda, I had been changed for good.

I watched you continue to grow over Facebook and the Kingzoo blog. I watched myself continue to grow in my faith, finding a church, making new friends at church, serving people, and loving on everyone, especially those who need it most (sometimes it's ourselves).  We've both been blossoming into the people God wants us to be, Victor. You've shown me the Truth and the Light.

Victor Noah King, you taught me how to truly see God and you opened my heart. I don't know if there is any way to thank you and your family for everything they have done for me. God has worked through you and your family to touch so many people. Being your Aunt has been one of the best blessings I have ever received.

I love you, ya fatty.

Auntie Trina

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  1. That tiny little Victor still amazes me!!! Hard to believe doctors still refer to babies inside the womb as fetus, when your 25 weeker is obviously as human as any 40 week baby!