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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Romance runs in the family

Having a romantic mindset runs in my family.  However, the Good Doctor does not see it so let me give you an example and you can decide for yourself.

My parents got married on January 1st of 1966 (1-1-66 for those who like those types of numbers).  It has its advantages, places are always decorated nicely for the holiday.  On the other hand, many places are closed on the 1st so dining out might need to be delayed.  One year, however, was especially difficult because not only was it January 1st, it was a Sunday ("back in the day" establishments were closed one day a week, for those who are too young to know this).  Not only was it a Sunday, but my mother was extremely ill so stayed home from church.  ("Back in the day" no one missed church, no matter how sick you were so that tells you how sick she was, for those who are too young to figure that out).

My dad is a song leader.  He's not just a song leader, but he's also a great communicator.  So when he stands up to lead a song, he prefaces it with a story, an anecdote, or whatever comes to mind.  This is a good thing.  This particular January 1st, his anniversary, at church with his kids while his wife is home sick, he couldn't resist communicating his love for his dear wife.  He stood up and shared with everyone in the church that he'd appreciate their prayers as this would be the first anniversary he would spend with his wife in bed.  Romantic, huh?  He thought so.  But half of the congregants' minds immediately went to places they shouldn't go on a Sunday morning and before my dad made it home from church my mom had already received several phone calls from friends who had to ask her about her first anniversary spent in such a manner.  Her first words to my dad when we arrived home that day, "What did you say?????" He, the romantic, was clueless.

So, as you can see, I get it naturally.  This is why I can write such lovely, romantic notes to the Good Doctor in honor of his birthday which happened to be yesterday (albeit a bit overshadowed by the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK).  In case you missed it, this year's message went like this:

It is on this date that I must try to locate my romantic side to write some flowery and gushy birthday message to my sweet-ums who decided to be born on the 22nd of November. I do this even though it goes against everything in me for two reasons: 1. The Good Doctor's love languages is words of affirmation and 2. It's what everyone else does on FB when a spouse is celebrating a birthday. 

So, until next year, or Valentine's Day, or Father's Day, or whenever I am next expected to be romantic...

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