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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween turkeys

Periodically we schedule a family night.  I'd like to say they were every other week or once a month but  with so many people going so many directions, I'm happy with whatever we can schedule.  Each time a family night is scheduled, a different combination of family members is assigned the planning from food choices to activities.

Last night's family night was brought to us by Mariana and Jesse (and Jesse's friend, Megan).  Some of these folks are definitely going to be elementary education teachers, I'm certain.

If Jesse's involved, you know there's going to be grilling,

and macaroni and cheese.

Then it was turkey making time.
Mariana was the hot glue gun master.
Nothing like a good craft to bring out the personalities of each child.

Shoun named his turkey, Potty.  It's a middle school boy thing.  You have to giggle after you say it.
Even Victor got to try out a feather or two.  Love his vision therapist, we don't worry about baby appropriateness, we just let him experience with his senses - totally supervised, of course.

And just like the stores are ready for Christmas before Halloween is over, we're ready for Thanksgiving before Halloween is here.
Enjoying a job well done.

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  1. Alexandra wants to know why Jesse looks different...did he get a hair cut?
    What did you put inside the gloves to make them stand up? This is such a cute idea, we're going to have to make some of these.