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Monday, February 27, 2012

Date night

Like the new format? Change is not always easy but The Good Doctor said it was time.

It all started when I asked him to help me figure out how to put an email link on my blog. He suggested we go on a date for ice cream. Sounded good to me. Only the best place for both ice cream and internet service in a five county radius was McDonald's. So here we are. I on my computer and he with one hand on the keyboard of his computer and the other on his phone. It could be worse; he could be trying to hold my hand or hug me or something lovey like that. Maybe old folk dates aren't so bad after all.

To his credit, he did fix my email linkage problem. He also changed the background. And this and that and the other thing. I changed the picture. And in the process we screwed up a few other things on the site so I guess the job is in progress.

Nice chatting. I guess I'll sign off now while The Good Doctor finishes up his phone conversation and we can continue this date.

At the grocery store. Where did you think we were going?


  1. I love it Cindy. It is actually much easier to read than the other format! And the photo is so good...once again you have discovered a wall with room for more kids:)

  2. YAY for email notifications!! Thanks!! Love the photo! :)

  3. Thanks, Debby. Glad the change is good. Don't tell The Good Doctor I said that, it might go to his head. And Pam, thanks for the impetus for change! :)