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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinning vs. filing

I finally did it. I held off as long as I could but I gave in. The pressure was great, people kept asking me if I'd caved, but I held out. Until about 2 weeks ago and I just had to see what it was all about. I gave in, conceded, caved. I yielded, buckled, succumbed. I joined Pinterest.

And yes, it is addicting. I saw one woman who had 14,281 pins. How or why does one get 14, 281 pins? Has the new American motto suddenly become, "The one has the most pins, wins?" And boards titled "Dream Home" and "Someday"? If we don't watch it, Pinterest might just become the wholesaler for seeds of discontent.

Apparently I and these other folk have different motives behind our pinning. For me, Pinterest has become my new filing cabinet. You know those drawers and drawers of teaching and parenting files that my husband has had to move from one house to the other through the years? And sometimes even one room to the other as we remodeled and reorganized to fit yet another child. Yeah, well, I have been trying to weed through them for years and I have thrown away many of them. Now I am down to only five drawers. Hey, I thought that was pretty good.

The problem with files and filing cabinets is that when the drawers are closed, they are out of sight and out of mind. The nice thing about using Pinterest as my new online filing cabinet is that the ideas are right there when I open my computer. We've already made several nice meals and enjoyed delectable desserts. And my sewing closet is getting emptier although to the untrained eye it's still pretty cluttered.

So this is my latest Pinterest project. I found it online for sale but decided I could make it just as easily. Eden had just given me these tutus, saying she didn't use them for dress-up clothes anymore. A project that includes upcycling, recycling, and de-cluttering is a definite win.

And Eden's bag was the center of attention at dance class tonight. John's already afraid to take HopeAnne to her class on Monday because he says he knows what the ladies will be clucking about this week.

Anyone else have a tutu in the back of a closet somewhere? I could take that off your hands...

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