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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pillow pals

"I just love standing right here in this room; I just love listening to the sounds." HopeAnne King, February 4, 2012

I have to agree with Hope on this one. I, too, love the sounds of the sewing room. Although for me growing up, the sewing room was also the basement family room but I can remember playing while my mom was sewing. The whirr of the machine and the snip of the scissors are two sounds that remind me of childhood and of my mom. Of course I was often on the floor playing around with quilt squares or hand sewing my own project.

And look at me now - a woman who would spend all day in her sewing room if she could. Which she can't. But she can steal little moments here and there. So I have a new goal and that is to use up as many of the scraps and fabrics in my sewing closet as I possibly can, buying as little as necessary to complete any project this entails. Because therein lies the problem with my sewing closet. Each time I make something, I end up needing a larger piece to complete it; the backing for a quilt or a certain color to match someone's decorating preferences. And since my math isn't that great, or because I want to be certain that I don't run out, or both, I always have left-over fabric that ends up on the shelves on my closet.

Monday was Day 1 of Project Clean Out the Sewing Closet. It was easily combined with Project Locate a Gift for a Birthday Party Hope is attending. Hence: Pillow Number 1. Would you believe I was able to complete it fully with items on hand, until I got to the very last knot of the pillow top. Well, my goal was almost accomplished. And buying one little skein of embroidery floss was a whole lot better than going out to buy a yard or more of fabric which would leave me with more fabric scraps to replace the fabric that just left my closet.

Of course Eden then decided that she wanted to make a pillow for a friend. A little birdie told us that this friend's favorite color is purple so we changed the color scheme, but made the same pillow. And Eden helped. She arranged the quilt squares (I had to keep quiet as patches were not placed as I would have placed them; I'm sure my mom remembers those days), numbered the rows for me, piled them up, and even helped me sew. I don't think the sewing process was intended to include a child sitting on one's lap as it is not very comfortable or efficient. But we managed quite nicely. A picture here would have been cute except that I would have been in the picture which would have deemed it unblog-able.

We also decided to add a pocket to the back of Eden's pillow. She wanted to include a note to her friend which she wrote on paper and I traced onto fabric. (The friend's name is purposely edited out because we're not sure if she reads this blog of not)

Week 1 of Project Clean Out the Sewing Closet is now complete. So why doesn't my closet look any emptier? Never fear. Week 2 is just about here and HopeAnne has already announced that she'd like a pillow to match the quilt we made for her bed. Better get started...

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