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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Pinterest holiday

I just may have gone a little overboard on the Valentine's gifts this year. Thanks to Pinterest, that is. It can't be blamed entirely on Pinterest, however, as I have never bought those pre-printed commercialized cards for my kids to fill out. Back in the days before Pinterest there was Family Fun magazine and this little gem filled my file cabinets with all kinds of useful and fun activities, including creative Valentine's Day cards.

So this year, in addition to our hot chocolate Valentine's (see last year's post for more information on this one), we also made...

What can I say? This gave the little girls something to do, helped me bless the kids with sugary, pre-packaged treats that I wouldn't normally buy, we have personalized gifts for the neighbors, and we also have a basketful of goodies to take to our friends at Allenberry Playhouse who are just returning after more than a month off. Good timing, for sure!

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