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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simplicity or Glitzy?

We love Christmas concerts. We get to play in the most beautiful venues. Interestingly enough, within one week we will have played at the most lavish venue for the year and the simplist. Today we were at the Governor's mansion and next week we will be at Fairview Chapel in Maryland, a restored one-room chapel with no running water or electricity. Make sure you use the bathroom on your way there and dress warm. Today, however, was decorated lavishly and guests were treated to drinks and desserts served by well-dressed waiters. I think that either John or I should run for governor someday. You could easily fit 13 (or more) children in this house. In fact, I think it would make a nice group home or orphanage. The chapel, not so much. Funny, back in the day when the chapel was used, most people probably had houses the same size as that chapel, and they filled them with large families. Times sure have changed, haven't they?

My Uncle Jim told me to tell Mr. Governor hello and to let him know that he has a pothole on the road in front of his house that needs fixed. Unfortunately the honorable Ed Rendell was not present at his open house for me to pass along this little bit of news. Too bad as I'm sure he would have been right on it. As proof that he did show up to his own open house in 2008, we share this photo (I am the small one in the back, the one who looks like she's been photoshopped into the picture):

The family dogs were in attendance, however. Beautiful dogs they are. They always enjoy the string instruments so much and make their rounds through the performance areas. They aren't much for having their photograph taken, though. I understand. I'm the same way. This quick shot was from 2009 when the Shipman Violin Studio was performing (Mariana in the hat, of course).

Thank you to the many friends and family members who came to watch us perform. Were we right? Is it not the best hot chocolate around? Our apologies for not warning you about the no purses rule. That was a new one from last year. I guess I understand with all the security precautions. Interestingly, you were allowed to bring instrument cases into the residence without so much as a scan or pat down. So for next year we'd be happy to loan you a guitar or violin case in which to place your wallet, phone, make-up, comb and brush, or any other important item that you need with you at all times. Although who knows what security measures might be in place next year?

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