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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Right now

Time: 8:11 AM

Outside my window: Barren Indiana farmland covered in snow (Andrew thinks this is where God sent the Israelites to wander for 40 years, it's the worst punishment he can dream up)

Inside my window: A hotel room with one snoring husband, two awaking girls and one almost-teen who won't wake up til I make her

In my belly: Scared you there, didn't I? Nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact, it's time for breakfast so let's get going!

On me: PJs but I won't give you too much information

Looking forward to: Breakfast first, a morning at the water park, an afternoon of cheese factory, some car museum or something like that, and a music shop, pizza supper, and celebrating Annika's birthday

Grateful for: The opportunity to be with family, both immeidate and extended, safe travel, and fun!

Okay, it wasn't my idea, but I read it on another blog and it sounded like fun, as well as being short and sweet. Til I have more time and less vacation . . .

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