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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas and kids

You never know what is going to happen when you mix children and Christmas.

When the King family was a small clan of 5, we were working on memorizing the Christmas story from Luke 2. Andrew, being the oldest, was doing most of the memorizing but Jesse, age 3, was catching much of it as well. However, he apparently mixed in a little of his own version because as Andrew and I recited the passage and paused just after, "And the angel said to them," Jesse stood on his chair and yelled, "Boo!" You win some, you lose some. And it's become one of those family lines that is oft-repeated.

Just a few short years later, we were at Christmas Eve service and the children were called front for a children's story. The children were asked the name of Jesus' mother. Knowing everything as she does, Mariana loudly proclaimed for all to hear, "Sally!" Those pastor's kids. Don't their parents teach them anything?

The much-anticipated Christmas concert at Fairview Chapel occured this past Sunday evening. As I've mentioned before, I just love playing in this simple stone chapel lit only with candles. The evening was well-received and an invitation has already been extended for next year. That's a good thing as Hope inadvertantly insulted an elderly woman sitting behind her in the pews. As the woman explained to us after the concert, she was singing the alto line of one of the congreational hymns when Hope turned around to her and whispered, "You're on the wrong page." Thankfully she found it humorous and not too insulting.

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