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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Before and after

I have a different child. As I said to the Good Doctor the other day, "I finally have a little boy and not a monster."

We've tried all kinds of things. Some things helped a little. Some things not at all. It was suggested that the next step would be a neuro psych evaluation which would probably result in heavy meds. He wouldn't be the first child with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia to head this route. The only problem is that they won't see him until he's 5. And I don't know if I'm strong enough to wait another year.

So we tried a different alternative. And since alternatives are often frowned upon by professionals, we've been pretty quiet about some of the things we've tried. I've heard the arguments - that I'm just a stupid mom who isn't knowledgeable enough to understand what is good for my child. I've been accused of only getting my information from blogs and of blindly listening to other less-informed parents who have been through similar situations and who claim to have found success from alternative methods, and in the end I'm just seeing what I want to see.

Believe me, if it was as easy as seeing what I want to see, I wouldn't bear the scars and black-and-blue marks from being kicked, bitten, and scratched. I wouldn't be sitting on my bathroom floor crying because I've just dealt with the 10th roll-on-the-floor tantrum over something I can't fix and it's just 10AM.

So we decided to try the health, wellness and nutrition route. It just makes sense that God would create our bodies to heal themselves. That's not to say that medications can't be part of that but if medicine has failed us, why shouldn't we try something else?

I came home from the first appointment crying but this time it wasn't a little one's tantrum that set me off. This time it was because a doctor finally listened to me. I felt validated. I felt believed. And for the first time I could begin to trust that someone was going to stick with us until we found some answers.

You don't have to believe me but I know what I live with. I know what life was like "before" and "after". The changes in diet aren't easy for any of us who have to tell him he can't have something he requests but we noticed a difference in just half a day. Five days in, and we realized there was only one tantrum. In five days, just one. Instead of 4 or 5 or more per day. And in those 5 days were two dayswhen I was gone and one of the college kids was in charge - a disruption that would cause any child to dysregulate. But even so, just 1 tantrum in 5 days.

And then this happened.  A run-in with the fireplace. He told the nurse that he was on the chair and then he got up and thought he was running to the door but he went the wrong direction. In this case, I think his visual impairment got the best of him and he got himself turned around. Instead of running through the doorway he ran full force into the outside edge of the fireplace.

I can't even imagine what this would have been like prior to this week. Strange people, smells, and noises. Pain. A needle. It would have taken at least three of us to hold him down. And then to lie quietly for the doctor to stitch him up? Again, it would have taken several of us to manage that.

But not now. He was pleasant. He cried as any child would but it only took me holding his hands to calm him. Holding his hands. Not holding him down. And instead of running around and drumming on everything in the exam room while we waited, he drove his "car" to "New Jersey" and told me he was the delivery man. Just like a normal 4 year old with an imagination who would be interested in anything new on wheels.

I'm not saying that he doesn't still yell or prefer to stay outside when I ask him to come in or that he never spins or drums. I am saying that he is more focused and centered. He is calmer. He can sit and attend to a task for more than a few seconds. He is more compliant. He is finally able to concentrate enough to understand cause and effect. And he can stop his racing brain and body long enough for a mid-day nap. That has not happened since he gave up naps 7 months ago. And he spins and drums much less often than before. He is a little boy whose behavior more closely resembles his peers than it did just one week ago.

I finally have a little boy. And I have hope.


  1. So wonderful to hear. Praise God.

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  3. Wow I can't imagine the relief you probably feel! Yeah for Victor Bc he obviously is enjoying the effects! I'd love to know the diet. I swear my 5 year old needs more focus and less run around energy! Did you avoid red dye or more than that!? I'm married to a dr and sometimes alternatives and non medicine is the way god intended!

  4. Praise God! He continues to give you His wisdom!

  5. What a blessing to find something that helps!

  6. Stacy RothenbergerJuly 7, 2017 at 8:25 AM

    I am so happy for you. And I totally honor and celebrate your decision to take a different alternative. I do not believe most doctors know anything about nutrition. After both my wrist and shoulder surgery this winter I was in excruciating pain. They told me by body was making too much cortisol. But they had no solutions. They just wanted to keep giving me pain pills. Which I did not want to take. I went on Isagenix which is a nutritional program. Which feeds my body the nutrients it needs. Plus I am taking this thing called Ionix which helps reduce the cortisol in my body which reduces the inflammation. Wow imagine that. So I celebrate your decision and that things are going so much smoother. don't worry about what anybody else especially the Medical profession thinks because they don't know anything about proper body nutrition.

    1. We've been using Isagenix for about 4 years now. Love it! I'm glad you have found it helpful, too.