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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beach week

I told the Good Doctor that I'm pretty sure if I could prayer run or prayer walk on the beach every morning, I'd be able to deal with anything. He said we'd see what we can do about that.

For now, I'll have to hold the memories of this week's mornings alone with God on the beach.

Victor resurrected last summer's worship team for anyone within hearing distance. And then he banged so hard on one of his "drums" that he broke it. What's new?

But the big news from this year is that even though he still fusses and complains when walking from the street to the beach and back again ("I don't like the shells!"), he was willing to play in the sand and even allowed Isaac to dig a hole and bury him.

We went to the Wetlands Institute again. It may be small but once again I was impressed with how much of it is hands-on. It's great for Victor. This year he enjoyed the osprey nest replica.

Family bumper cars can be fun.

And Victor got his two favorite rides as well.

"Watch the train, please. Watch the train, please."

Isaac had a wonderful helper for his famous morning omelette.

It might have been just a little chilly on our last day.

Til next time...

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