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Monday, July 24, 2017

Romeo and Juliet

To keep the noise in the beach house to a minimum, Mr. Victor and I went for a walk this morning. But I knew better. A walk would not just be a walk. So he came dressed for the water.

He told me that he needed to jump over the shells because I refused to carry him. He also told me that he likes the sand now but he used to hate it (one of his favorite words). Thank God for progress.
I was right. We made it no farther on our walk than straight in. And there we stayed.

When we were down in June the water was still cold so he didn't spend as much time in it as he usually does. Today, however, we won't be able to get him out. He jumped and splashed and fell and got back up. Oh, he also licked the water. Maybe he has a salt deficiency?

He told me he was going in his camper. I asked why his camper was full of water? He didn't know.

He said, "Come in the camper with me, Juliet." I asked, "Why am I Juliet?" He explained the obvious, "Because I am Romeo." But then he must have doubted because he asked, "Am I your Romeo?"

He's still calling me Juliet.

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