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Monday, July 31, 2017

She's 17!

M turns 17 today. It's been an eventful year. Getting her driver's license. Getting into vo-tech. TPR. Celebrating 1 year in our home. Getting a job. Missions trip to the Bronx. And now just waiting for an adoption date. Bittersweet days. Days of joy. Mixed emotions.

When we celebrated 1 year, I asked her if she ever thought it would happen, she told me no. It had never happened in any of her other homes, why would this one be any different? On the other hand, she did say that she thought that if we could put up with Victor, maybe we would stick with her, too?

She told Victor this morning that she was 17. He wanted to know if she was still short. Then asked if she was old.

We celebrated with extended family yesterday, donuts this morning, and later we'll have her chosen dinner: chicken and waffles with peanut butter pie for dessert. But mostly she's just working today - the life of a working woman. Anyone want to stop at Subway to wish her happy birthday before 5PM today?

And for those who were wondering, as far as Victor is concerned, it was sugar free, dairy free, grain free donut holes all around!

That was easier than I thought it'd be!

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