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Monday, October 3, 2016

Since you asked...more Victor-isms

...and even if you didn't ask...

Bad Words, Part 1
This past summer, Mariana told Victor and the boys she babysat that they couldn't ask "why" and when asked why (get it?) she told them it's a bad word. Now when I ask Victor why, he tells me it's a bad word.

Example: Victor spills his cereal on the floor.
Me: Victor, did you spill that on purpose?
Victor: Yes.
Me: Why?
Victor: (crying) Don't say that. That's a bad word!

Bad Words, Part 2
I'm told by Victor's TVI that one of the commonalities among kids with Victor's neurological condition is that their physical aggression in toddler-hood includes verbal aggression in elementary school as they learn that words can do as much damage as hitting, biting, spitting, pinching, etc., etc. Victor, of course, is an over-achiever and has already figured this out. Thankfully, the amount of "bad words" that he hears is fairly limited but it hasn't taken him long to figure out that stupid and hate are words that he is not supposed to say so hearing the phrase, "That's a bad word," is a common one for his ears. Which is probably why these conversations are common:

Me: Victor, please come here.
Victor: Don't say that. That's a bad word.

Therapist: Victor, let's clean up the mess you made.
Victor: Don't say that. That's a bad word.

Bad Words, Part 3
One morning Victor was being especially cuddly so he was sitting in my lap being sweet when all of a sudden out of his mouth comes, "Mom, what do they have at f#@%-in Donuts?" To say I was caught off-guard is an understatement but when I came to and realized that he did, indeed, say what it sounded like he said, I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I laughed til I cried. I couldn't speak.

Poor Mr. Victor had no idea what he had said so he promptly slid off my lap and banged his head on the floor because, well, isn't that what you are supposed to do for every single emotion including the one that covers the I-have-no-idea-why-Mom-is-laughing-and-she's-laughing/crying-too-hard-to-speak emotion?

It was a Sunday and I was afraid he was going to repeat his question to someone at church so we practiced. A lot.

Now he just wants to know about Funkin' Donuts. And I'm okay with that.

That Happens
Mariana on the phone with Victor: Victor, I miss you!
Victor: Yeah, sometimes that happens.

Plead the Fifth
Me: Victor, what are you doing?
Victor: I don't really want to tell you. Please leave me alone, Mom.

Well, at least he was polite?

It Hurts
And what exactly would you do when your 3 year old comes crying to you saying, "I hurt my beard, Mommy"?

Spelling Test
Eden: We're going in the H-O-T tub.
Victor: I'm going to go in the E-I-B-A-B-C hot tub, too.

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