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Saturday, October 22, 2016

I won't be overwhelmed

Three mornings in a row I woke up with these words singing in my head...

God I look to You, I won't be overwhelmed
Give me vision to see things like you do*

After three days, I decided it was time to do something about it. So I sat down and listened to the whole song. And again, this time with eyes closed, head bowed, and my breathing slow and steady.

Then I sat with my open journal and breathed a simple prayer, Holy Spirit, speak to me. These were the words that came pouring out of my pen. Maybe they aren't just for me today.

"Look to me. Nothing in your life is a surprise to me. Nothing in Victor's life is a surprise to me. Not his diagnosis. Not his blindness. Not his behavior challenges; not his head banging or biting or scratching or spitting. Not his regression with toilet training. Nothing. Do you hear that? Really hear that? Nothing. You want to see things like I do? See that. See that I have a plan. See that I have the whole world in my hands yet I have a plan for Victor's life. I promised you months before he was here that he would be victorious. My plan for him hasn't changed. You confirm it each time you say his name. Believe it. Have confidence in me. Trust me. Look to me and I will give you peace."

I will love You, Lord, my strength
I will love You, Lord, my shield
I will love You, Lord, my rock
Forever all my days I will love You, God

We often think of strength in physical terms and my God is certainly that but calling Him my Strength also means:

  • He has the emotional and mental qualities to withstand distressing or difficult situations and can transfer those qualities to me
  • He is able to stand in the midst of great pressure and can hold me up in these times.
  • He has power and influence and I can call upon His power in my time of need.
  • His strengths, His good and beneficial character, are a source of mental and emotional support for me.
As my shield, God provides protection against attacks by the enemy to wear me down and to bring me down.  And as my rock, He is Someone who is also reliable.

And I can rejoice in who He is and who He is refining me to be.

Hallelujah our God reigns
Hallelujah our God reigns
Hallelujah our God reigns
Forever all my days

*from God I Look to You, Bethel Music

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