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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cajons, timpani, and gongs

It started out as an attempt to take a photo for my parents, to thank them for the soft and adorable shirt/jacket they found for Victor in Italy.
First, he gave me his thinking face while he explored 
(one of his favorite words) the pumpkin.

I AM smiling!

Still smiling, Mom...

But wait, Mom, this feels like it could be...

A drum!

Yeah, a drum, like a cajon...

Let me tell you all about it, Mom. 

Drums are the best, Mom.

I should have known since this is the only room he wanted to explore yesterday at the "petting zoo" following Isaac's orchestra concert at Messiah College. Want to get Victor started in conversation, just mention timpani or the gong and he'll go on and on and on...

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