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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin explorations

One of Victor's favorite words is explore. It also happens to be one of his favorite activities. And exploring the car is probably only second to drumming. Drumming always trumps any other activity. But since you can drum while you explore the car, win-win!

We take advantage of his love for exploring so that he can learn as much as possible about his environment using the senses that do work. Or maybe that's why he loves exploring so much, since that is how we have introduced him to his environment. Either way, the other night was pumpkin exploration night. Pumpkin carving to the rest of us.

All day he talked about carving his pumpkin even though he had no idea what that meant. Since he had picked out his own pumpkin, however, he figured this must be something good.
What's inside?

Annnnnndddd...that's how Victor felt about the swime-y stuff inside

Listening to Isaac clean out the inside of his pumpkin

Okay, I'll help scoop but I will not touch that stuff again!

Exploring the shapes on the pumpkin face

He said he wanted hearts for eyes, a triangle for a nose, and a smiley face with 1 tooth for a mouth.
Then, after everyone else was finished, he modeled what he had observed. He found a "knife" in the drawer, made scooping sounds in the pumpkin, banged the knife-turned-spoon on the side of the bowl, and continued on.
Happy fall, everyone!

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