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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Celebrating 2

Victor got exactly the kind of day he would have requested for his birthday, if he really understood that it was his birthday.

The weather was perfect and he was able to spend almost every waking moment outdoors which makes him very happy. So happy, that at 3:00 this morning he was asking to go outside. He wasn't buying the middle-of-the-night and it's raining excuses either.

During Andrew's birthday in March, Victor figured out that donuts come after singing the Happy Birthday song so for the past month he's randomly requested that we sing that song and at the conclusion he asks, "Donut?" So yesterday he got to enjoy his birthday donut. And what joy there was!

Of course the first thing he requested at breakfast today was another donut. I had saved a half for him, clearly marked "For Victor," but a very hungry brother decided he was more deserving and secretly partook of it yesterday. Oh well, what Victor doesn't know won't hurt him. Not giving a hitting, biting, self-harming child the donut he requested might very well hurt me, though.

We chose a lion cake for him in honor of the growling noises he was so good at before he learned to speak. Eden decided he needed a cake more indicative of his current interests so she made him a second cake.

Of course it reminded me of our first-born's 3rd birthday when he chose this same cake for himself.

And the part we've all been waiting for, Victor's first fi-lin. I refuse to start my children on lessons at this age but with Victor's interest in everyone else's instruments we thought it would be nice for him to start exploring one of his own. So, with supervision, he will do just that.

He started to pluck it immediately and gave us some of his best smiles.

This should be such fun!

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