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Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2013

Mr. Victor had his 2 year old check-up today. He has made it into the 16th percentile for height and 24th percentile for weight. And he even cooperated with the nurse who wanted to weigh him this time. At his 18 month check up he screamed as if we were trying to lay him down on a bed of hot coals. Don't tell Victor but I had even come with an arsenol of goodies including snacks, his favorite water bottle, and even a package of reserved-for-potty-sitting-two-year-olds candy. We didn't need any of it.

Until it was time for the exam. He wasn't having any of it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He didn't want to sit on my lap. He didn't want any cold round objects on his chest. He didn't want anything sticking in his ears (it took me and a nurse to hold him down for that task). I gave him the water bottle which he proceeded to spit out (a favorite past time of his) and since he didn't have a shirt for it to soak into, it all went onto the floor. Maybe he just thought they needed a clean floor but I doubt it. He was loud. We tried to talk. It wasn't happening. And then it may or may not have been time for a shot. And it may or may not have taken three of us to complete that task.

And then we had to wait to check out. Mr. Victor did not want to be held and he's getting too big (at least he's not heavier than the 24th percentile!) to hold when he's having his fits so I set him down to explore the waiting area. He insisted that the hand sanitizer he felt on the window ledge was a water bottle which sent him into fits because I'm so mean and wouldn't let him have it. He then walked into a child who was sitting in a chair and because he was in Victor's way, Victor did what he always does, he hit. I apologized, told Mr. Victor that we need to be gentle and it was just another child. Victor wasn't interested. The child's mom just stared. Then another family came in and of course the little boy, about Victor's age, ended up in Victor's air space so once again Victor gave him a good ole brush with the hand, getting granola bar (I'm sorry, I was desperate!) all over the boy's shirt. Obviously Victor's not the only child with sensory issues because that child was not having granola bar on his sleeve so I again apologized to another mother and on it went.

We were both very happy to leave that place today. And I cried the whole way home.

So it was refreshing and needed to read these words from Eden today; remembering two years ago when God showed up with an hour to spare, answering the prayers of an 8 year old little girl.


when we first started the process of adopting again I was so exited I was going to have another brother or sister! I knew that it would be hard but I also knew that it would be worth it. But it took a very long time to find the right child.

Two years and two moths ago I decided to pray that on april 20th at 5:00 we would know what child was for us. i remember ridding my scooter around the block and praying " april 20th at 5:00 God you know what I'm praying for." I would pray that over and over. I knew that people would think I was crazy. But I also knew that God can do anything if you do believe that He can. so every day I would pray that God would give us a child.

And then when april 20th came around the day went kinda slow. We had a concert after lunch. When we got home my heart raced as I went to see what time it was. It was about two minuets before 4:00. I knew that in almost one hour it would be the time I was praying about for so long. But when mom sat down to check her email my world seemed to stop. it was exactly 4:00 now and when she clicked on the first email she tolled me something that was one of the biggest highlights of my whole life! Mom said "Eden! There are three babies here!"

After that mom said that tow of the babies where due in a few months and that they will probably be very healthy. And then she said the other one was named Noah and she also said that we will probably not even consider because that baby was born early and in the NICU. Mom and dad said yes to the two healthy babies and decided to kinda put aside the other one. A few days went passed and mom got another email saying that the birth mothers of the two healthy babies said no to our family.

The next few days were full of prayer about little Noah in the NICU. after two days mom and dad said yes to little Noah. Mom and dad got on a plane that sunday after church and they went to visit my little brother. a week later dad came home and mom stayed in the NICU with Noah for three whole months. and then she came home with little Victor Noah King.

And now he's a handsome little boy. Two years old and MY LITTLE BROTHER."

I'm so glad that she didn't forget so that we could always remember. Even in the tough times, we remember that this little boy was destined for our family.

We do love you very much, Victor Noah King!


  1. Dear Mr. Victor's Mom,

    This quote was shared in church yesterday. Thought it might be a good one to pass your way on a day like today.

    "Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight, At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more"

    1. Reading that to the girls right now. Perfect timing!