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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Accomplishment! Mr. Victor learned to smile on demand. It only took us two years to get here but here we are. So while we were at it, we added, "Cheese!" to the list of accomplishments.

Now, for our next trick we will work on looking at the person asking you to smile and say, "Cheese!"

And if I'm feeling really ambitious, we'll work on standing still for photos.

This morning was our appointment with a pediatric endocrinologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We are so thankful for the families of children with ONH who gave us this recommendation as we were pleased to find that she does understand the condition and knew that to fully diagnose or rule out pituitary issues, we need to do more than simple bloodwork. As we suspected, after hearing our concerns and Victor's symptoms, she prescribed further lab work. Depending on how these results turn out, we will continue with follow-up in-hospital testing or we can rest knowing that he is not currently in danger of low cortisol or other hormone deficiencies. Our concerns were heard, she responded with expertise, and was personable to boot. Thank you for your prayers and thankful for a God who provided just what we asked for.

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