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Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

One of the children was asked what they got for me for Mother's Day. This child responded with, "A therapist."  I guess, after my year, no one, including me, would have been surprised if this had been the truth. It wasn't.

I was treated to an early gift  of a "Cupon Book" made by Eden.

HopeAnne also gave me an early gift of a Mother's Day Eve trip to the ER after a terrific demonstration of a mother's famous last words, "It's all fun and games til someone gets hurt." Three stitches above her right eye later, we were home just in time for the dawn of Mother's Day.

Actually, just prior to that, the girls and I were honored to bring a program of song, skits, and words to the women's banquet at a church near my parent's home. We were happy to be spending the night with my parents so that the whole family could return to the same church to provide the whole worship service for Mother's Day morning. Thus the excitement and goofing off at bedtime. So we scooped up the bleeding HopeAnne and took an unscheduled detour to the emergency room, arriving back to my parents just before the clock struck the beginning of Mother's Day.

I loved celebrating Mother's Day with my family, bringing music and words of encouragement to this congregation that has such a heart for orphans and widows. It is a joy and privilege to see each of my children using their gifts to serve the Lord and to be able to do so together is an added bonus.

First thing yesterday morning my children did wish me Happy Mother's Day, one at a time, in rapid succession. Having not been born yesterday, I figured this one out rather quickly so asked the third child who came my way, "Did someone tell you to wish me a Happy Mother's Day?"

"Yeah, MomMom told us to do that. Guys! Why did you all come at once? MomMom said not to do that!"

Oh, and I did receive gifts, one of which was not to a therapist, but to a massage therapist, a much needed gift. And a journal of kind words from my husband and children. Apparently one of the children whom shall not be named was asked to purchase a nice journal for Mom. Good choice, huh? :)

While the journal itself may not look special, the notes inside certainly were.

HopeAnne's last run of the spring season was also on Mother's Day so many of us went to cheer her on. Another win means that she was the Champion of the spring session just like in the fall.  Way to go, Hope, stitches and lack of sleep and all!

And my Mother's Day would not be complete without ice cream or frozen yogurt. Thank you, all!

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