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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The great chocolate chip caper down under-wear

Moms are hard to stump but Andrew really thought he had me this morning.

"Mom, after my shower this morning, I had a really strange experience. I went to put on my underwear and it felt weird."

Note: At this point, I was certain where this was going - a hitchhiking tick from the mountains must have crawled off someone else, onto the bathroom floor, and into his underwear. Problem solved.  I didn't even have to hear the rest of the story. But he continued...

"I checked and lo and behold, there was a chocolate chip, tucked into that little front flap. Now, can you please tell me how that could have gotten in there?"

Me, trying to speak between fits of laughter, "Oh, well, I'm glad it wasn't a tick, but yeah, that's almost as easy as guessing a tick."

"Easy, huh? A chocolate chip? In my underwear? I thought letting the little kids roller-skate in the house was crazy but this is too much. Please explain."

"Yeah, well you see, when the refrigerator and freezer died, I asked the little kids to quickly empty the freezer contents into the freezer in the back of the laundry room. Ever since then, I've been finding chocolate chips in various locations in there, most of which were in one particular basket of clean clothes. I bet your underwear came from there."

"So who did this and why hasn't it all been cleaned up yet?"

"Because Nobody did it and No One is yet to 'fess up."  I guess it could be argued that at this point I was stumped but I don't think it counts where Nobody is concerned because how is one supposed to win over that character?

"Never fear, Mom, I've got them all with me right now. I'll get to the bottom of this."

A little later I received a phone call from Andrew who I'm certain will make a great parent someday because he was able to get the culprit to confess although it did take a circuitous course for the truth to come out.

Andrew: Did anyone here move the chocolate chips from the kitchen freezer to the deep freeze?

Kids: Varying negative responses.

Andrew:  Really, no one here remembers moving chocolate chips from the kitchen to the laundry room?

Culprit: Wait, do you mean the container of chocolate chips?

Andrew: (After a brief pause) Did it have chocolate chips in it?

Culprit: Yes.

Andrew: Then yes, did you move the... container... of chocolate chips?

Culprit: Yes.

Andrew: Did you spill them?

Culprit: Yes.

Andrew: Did you tell anyone?

Culprit: Yes.

Andrew: (Really?) Who did you tell?

Culprit: (Insert other sibling's name)

Andrew: Right. Did you tell a parent?

Culprit: No.

Andrew: Did you pick up all the chocolate chips when you were done?

Culprit: Yes.

Andrew: Well, no you didn't. And I'm almost afraid to ask, but what did you do with the chocolate chips once you picked them up?

Culprit: I put them back in the container.

Andrew: Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Just another day at the King household.

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