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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nine months

Poor Mr. Victor.  He is so loved by his sisters.  Maybe too much.  I think he could do without their sharing of the headbands.

He definitely was not impressed with the headband turned sleep mask.

9 months old now!  His corrected age is 5 1/2 months and looking at him as a visually impaired almost 6 month old, he is doing great!

He can sit for a few seconds by himself and he is finally rolling over in both directions.  His favorite place to be now is the Johnny Jump-up.  He not only holds his bottle himself but he can maneuver it into his mouth on his own.

He is still the happiest baby.  He loves routine and has trouble sleeping when his routine gets disrupted or when he's in a new location but he remains happy regardless.

And he has remained oh-so-healthy!  With several colds going around our house and tons of stuff going  around the community (including whooping cough - yikes!), Victor has not even had a sniffle.  When most healthy babies would have a perpetual snotty nose, our little fighter has had nothing at all!  Miraculous!

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