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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dinner scene

Most of the time we are able to eat dinner together, all of us (minus the college student) around the very large dinner table. The one my parents thought I was crazy for requesting as a wedding gift but they gave us the one with "boards to seat 13" anyway.  Handmade in Lancaster County by Amish men running around the shop in their bare feet.  The one that caught Chuck Rhodes' eye when doing his TV special and around which he asked us to sit and "act natural" for the camera.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  See, I knew what I was requesting way back then.

We have a journal on the table where we list both blessings and prayer requests.  As we were making additions the other night, one child wanted to add to the prayer page, "Help me to stop lying."

As I wrote that on the next line, another child said, "Me, too."

And a few seconds later a third piped up, "Yeah, me, too."

At this point I was picturing the dinner scene in The Sound of Music (the original movie, thank you) when one by one most of the children are hit with guilt and they start crying.

Jesse must have been thinking along the same lines because he was next to speak, "Is this confession time?"

The family that prays for help with lying together,
Stays together.

Or something like that.

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