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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Going out of business

It was cold and windy and the man was bundled up as tightly as he could be.  He stood by the road holding his Going Out of Business sign.  We felt him staring at us as we drove into the fast food restaurant just feet from his advertising spot.

My heart went out to him.  Not in a "let's adopt him" sort of way but in a "no one grows up saying they want to stand along a busy road in the middle of winter holding a sign" kind of way.

We talk about serving others.  We talk about being Jesus' hands and feet.  We ask God to show us how we can shine His light through us.  "Let's buy him a sandwich."

The Good Doctor wasn't sure he had heard me correctly.


I said, "Let's buy him a sandwich.  Before we leave, I think we should take him some lunch."

So we did.  And as we drove away, I saw him digging into that bag and enjoying his simple lunch.

The prayer running through my head was not just for my children to catch the joy of serving, but for that man to catch a glimpse of the One who loves Him no matter what.  The One who is proud of him just for being him.

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