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Thursday, January 23, 2014

It started with a baby

Note:  This is a blatant plug.  And I am not ashamed.

This is Eden.

This is Eden with her new book, It Started with a Baby by Eden King (of course).

This is a page in Eden's new book about her little brother.

This is another.

This is Eden and Linus, looking to see who will be next in line for an autographed copy of Eden's new book. Actually, it was a photo fail because all Linus wanted was the apple that HopeAnne was eating in the corner while we took the picture.  Let nothing go to waste, they say, not even a digital photo.

But seriously, who could resist such a wonderful paperback picture book? Just $20, autographed for free, and for every book bought, a portion is donated to the Victor Adoption Fund (you knew that was coming, didn't you?). A Valentine's gift? Thinking ahead to your Easter baskets?

In Eden's own words (from the Author's Page):
"I wrote this story so that younger and older people could know the power of prayer."

Come on, you know you want one...

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