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Thursday, January 31, 2013


While remodeling the basement, I decided I should probably start to go through all those old teacher files in the tall filing cabinet.  Do teachers even have filing cabinets anymore?  Seems to me that so many of these things could be stored in online files.  Handwritten hand-outs?  I doubt it.  So File 13 it is.  But what fun to find all sorts of forgotten items like...

...My Valentine's Day bag, labeled Mrs. King so all the children could place their well-thought-out and carefully chosen (not) Valentine's for me on the day of love.  I actually used to have all of those Valentine's, too.  I used to put them around the borders of my bulletin boards for Valentine's Day.  But we've since used them for various February craft projects.

...Pictures from my pen pal from Germany.  Oh my!  I don't know why I still have these.  Jutta Kuhlmann, if you still have the pictures I sent you in return, please discard them right now.  They can't be pretty.

...My letter book from 6th grade creative writing.  Appropriately titled, "J - The Wonderful Letter!"  My writing skills were clearly much better than my drawing skills, even in 6th grade.  I think my favorite page has to be the tongue twister where I came up with, "Jumpin' Junipers!  Jealous jason umped judiciously."  And to think, I came up with judiciously all on my own, long before the internet which would probably make this assignment much easier.  It also made much better use of the letter J theme than my limerick page:

There once was a girl named Jane
Who walked to school in the rain
She started to turn red
And ended up in bed
With a very terrible pain.

...Lots and lots of bulletin board idea files.  I am willing to bet that teachers no longer trace a bulletin board picture onto an overhead to enlarge it onto a piece of paper on the wall.  Too bad; that was one of my favorite things to do.

...The Noah's ark stencil that I did in our first nursery and then again in our next house's play room.  Then I heard Tim Hawkins talk about how crazy it is to put cute-sy Noah's ark designs in a child's bedroom.  More people died than lived in that story; not exactly a great bedtime story.

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