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Friday, January 25, 2013


I had an idea for today's post but then didn't get around to taking the picture to go along with it.  But then I was on the Good Doctor's Facebook account (yeah, what of it?) and found the perfect source for a post.

I've always known that the Good Doctor was something of a lady's man, BC (Before Cindy).  His family doesn't have many family photos, especially of Child #5, but of the few they snapped, John is surrounded by girls in most of them.  Apparently he was just following orders as his dad was known to remind his sons, "Be like Jesus and love 'em all."

You have to be careful about the kinds of things others tag you in.  Someone from his high school class, who must have attended the same summer camp as John, recently uncovered this letter in a box and decided to post it.  I owe this woman a lot of money; I shall be using this in so many ways in the near future.  There's no denying that his signature is right there, first on the list.  I haven't done a full handwriting analysis but I'm pretty certain he was also the transcriptionist.  Oh, this should be fun!

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