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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sewing for three

I'm supposed to be cleaning out the sewing room. It seems that Jesse has had enough of sleeping in the bedroom between the little girls' room and the kitchen. He thinks it's too noisy in the mornings when he's trying to sleep in. I can't imagine why he would think that. But anyway, he's decided he wants to move to the basement. That means I lose my sewing room.

But it's really hard to clean out a room that's full of so many projects. I just have to work on a few of them as they are uncovered.

And when my niece, Molly, asked me to teach her to sew, well, what could I say? No, the room's a mess because the little girls have trashed it and I'm in the middle of going through everything to pack it away? Of course not!

Molly found this great tutorial online but unfortunately my closet didn't have anything that would qualify as a nice skirt for anyone over the age of oh, say, 8. So, we had to go to the fabric store. Really, we did. And I only came out with the items needed for her skirt. Nothing more. Nothing less. I promise. Okay, we did have extra fabric for the little girls but that doesn't count since it was attached to the fabric I bought for Molly's skirt.

Molly did an excellent job on her first sewing project, don't ya think?

I know, the picture would be better if Molly were actually wearing the skirt but I understand, I don't pose for pictures, either.

So I spent my spare time during the next two days (you got me, it wasn't really spare time, but who needs a clean house, dinner, and washed laundry?) working on matching skirts for Eden and HopeAnne. There wasn't quite enough fabric to line them like Molly's so I improvised. What they don't know won't hurt them.

But now I really must clean out that sewing room so Jesse can move into it. Once that happens, I'm certain I can fill his old room with another child or two. But where will I put all my sewing things? I know, the master bedroom!

1 comment:

  1. The skirts you made for the girls are super cute even if they aren't identical :)

    also, I couldn't fit myself in the picture AND get the skirt in there :)

    Thanks for teaching me how to sew.