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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A little sewing

Well, this wasn't exactly cleaning out the sewing closet since it was a commissioned craft, but by finally finishing it, I emptied out a space in the sewing room.

When Isaac was just starting second grade, his UpStreet (Children's Church or Sunday School, depending on your frame of reference) leaders were expecting their first baby. Wanting to do something special for them, I asked each child to draw a picture on a small square. I then traced those pictures onto Onesies for the baby.

After Baby #1 came Baby #2 and she also wore the decorated Onesies, although now the designers of the Onesies were in 5th grade. Once Baby #2 outgrew the garments, I was asked to make them into a quilt that the girls could use. The family purchased the fabric, and the rest was up to me.

It was fun to cut out those drawings. I could still picture the time when I sat tracing the original drawings. I also decided to add the girls' names and birth dates.

Since I had asked the family to purchase a sheet set for the backing, I used the pillow case to make a carrying bag.

Left with just a few scraps I decided to make a doll quilt and pillow as well. I added a few orange strips of my own to fill it in (see, I did empty a little out of my sewing closet), and it was finished. In the end I used every last scrap of the printed fabric! Pefect.

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