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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't be scammed!

I love it when people make blog writing so easy.

Yesterday we posted something on Craigslist. We promptly received this reply from John Jose:

"Thanks for the mail, I'm seriously interested in buying this for my Friend as a birthday gift becuase i love my friend and i need to conpensate my friend with the good one thing, hope your is in good condition Like I said I will like to purchase this item for my friend as a birthday gift so kindly withdraw the advert from Craigslist but i will not be able to look at the item or pick it up from your place because i am currently out of the state,I'm representing my company on an official trip, You will be shipping the item to my friend just because I'm buying the item for him and do you have the receipt of the item,

I will offer you $430 for the item and will also add an extra $200 to the money so as to cover the shipping and insurance charges via USPS Express Mail,I will also add an extra $30 to the money to compensate you for sealing a deal with me.

And about the payment, My mode of payment will be through PayPal because it is fast for a safe,secure,reliable transaction and easy to send money online, So get back to me with your PayPal email address or send me a PayPal money request to my email address (contactjohn2020@gmail.com) so that i can send out the payment and as soon as you received the payment you can make the shipment,But if you don't have a PayPal account you can quickly set-up one at(www.paypal.com) it is easy and save and it's free also your reply will be appreciated by me if you get back to me asap..

Looking forward to read back from you shortly.."

So I sent John Jose this note:

"Dear John,

You are a wondefull fiend you are to love your Friend so much. You want to compensate your friend with the one good thing of my computer. Since this is a birthdya gift for your friend would you like me to encase a bithday card wit the gift? i could personally a note for you, too. Of course you will need to give me your friend's address so I can send the one good thing to your friend.

It is wonderful that you are out of state representing your company on an official trip. Your job sounds so impotent. I wish to have good job, too, but no one wants to buy my knitting pot holders no more. And the guards at the White House say I can no sell pot holder at White House. i do not unnerstand.

Wow! You are going to give me $30 more than I ask for my computer? You are good man. There shoulda be more fiends like you. And $200 will be more than enough to covey the shiping expesnes and even to for the personally birthday card. I for to think I need add more special items to box to thank you and friend of loving gestures of more monies.

Your offer comes for such a good time because my wife is dying of rare cancer and that official in Nigeria who said that if I just sent him some cash he would giving to me all the money to put in my America bank account was a bad man and no money come to me. His email sound very much like you. So sincere and believeable. Do you know him, too? And then there was a man who said surprise I win all the money in Maldice Islands lottery so I just have to pay to him money on taxes, fees, shiping, and ensurance on to claim my prize so I did all that just so my wife is living one mor day but my lottery wins never come from Maldice Islands and I don't knw where to find Maldice Islands either. So now we are liquifying all of our ass ets for to pay for her cancer treatment. It mean that my wife will get her rare cancer trement today. Thank you for she to not to die today.

And if you believe all of that I have a bridge over New York City that I can sell to you for $400 cash but I will also except $430 and $200 shipping so that I can send it to your friend so he will have one good thing from you. By the way, I do not accept Pay Pal, or credit cards. I would also not send anything to anyone without payment. Nor would I ever send anything to anyone who cannot write in proper English; it's a dead give-away.

Your new best friend

P.S. You are now the star of my next blog. Congratulations!"


  1. This is hilarious, Cindy! I've had responses to ads like that and wish I could have come up with as good a response as yours. I was laughing so hard! :-)

  2. great response....Im glad I stumbled across it, as I just recieved an email from the same individual responding to my ad for custom garments.