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Thursday, July 5, 2012

21 years

You'd think that the lazy, hazy days of summer would be perfect for writing blog posts. Or that once on vacation I'd just sit and type. Not so. It' actually pretty hard to see the computer screen when sitting on the sunny beach.

We've been enjoying some nice time away. We decided to splurge on a Broadway musical for our 21st anniversary on the 29th. Being the unconventional wife that I am, I also insisted that we stop at a thrift store on the way there, between breakfast at my favorite Lancaster County smorgasbord and dinner at The Melting Pot (My personal opinion - The food was delicious and it was great because we had a gift card. If we hadn't? So not going there again. People really pay that much for a meal? Seriously? I cringe when all 9 of us splurge for a meal out and the bill gets that high!) before on to the big city to see Newsies (highly recommend it).

Along the way, we did actually have some nice conversation. We talked about how the weather was just like the day of the wedding, high 90s with a heat index of 105 (although we didn't talk about heat indexes back then, but if we had I'm sure it would have been that high). Feeling a lot like the Good Doctor, I asked a counselor-type question, "So, if you could change anything about our wedding day, what would it be?" Hmm, good conversation starter. His first answer? The weather.

Okay, how about something that you really could change? I suggested making it simpler but my better half reminded me that it was pretty simple to begin with. Yes, but it could have been simpler.

Now that I know you don't need any attendants, we'd probably opt out of that one. Not that we don't like the friends and family who stood up with us, but why make them buy clothes they're only going to wear once when it's not necessary? And if we did decide to have one or two attendants, we'd probably have the guys wear suits or maybe skip the suit coat and just complete the outfit with a tie.

Even though it's a little selfish, I'd still have the reception outside. My apologies to all the friends and family who went home wringing wet from the heat and humidity. But maybe we could have gotten another tent so that you didn't have to sit in the sun. But then that wouldn't be simpler so I guess you'd just have to suffer even if we did get a re-do.

There was that song in the middle that got a little long. It probably should have been cut from the plans. Or we should have found something to do during that interlude. Staring into each other's eyes got old real quick.

And since the church didn't have air conditioning, we should have asked the pastor to limit his talk to 10 minutes or less instead of the 20 he went with.

Oh, and we both decided that if we had it to do over again, we would have trusted God a little more with the timing and gotten married a year earlier. The college we attended didn't have married housing and anything in town was priced too high so we decided to wait until after graduation. And then right before our senior year, the Good Doctor was offered a position as hall director. You guessed it, complete with his own apartment. Eighteen months was just too long to be engaged. But it did give me time to make my wedding dress so maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

And by the way, did you know you were supposed to bless us with brass and nickel since we've been married 21 years? Who knew?

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