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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Water wars

The Good Doctor and I were trying to come up with a good plan for family night. Since it was so hot outside and since I keep the house at a comfortable too-hot and since the kids were so helpful at cleaning the house for company, we were making a list of friends with pools and ranking them in order of least likely to get upset if we show up to cool off. Then, it happened. The Good Doctor got a massive brainstorm. He decided it'd be fun to line the kids up and douse them with water, thereby starting an evening of water fights.

Oh, great idea, Dear. Way to be pacifistic, and set a good example for your kids, and all of those things.

Okay, why not?

But then I decided that it'd be much more fun to get the expressions on film so we staged a family photo. Well, kind of a family photo; a family photo with only five kids. I just told them we needed pictures for an adoption portfolio. What child of mine wouldn't believe that story? Obediently, they lined up to have a picture taken of their feet. Yes, their feet. To show diversity, we said.

Then after we had them sufficiently relaxed, I told them they could look at the camera for a few full body shots. Notice The Good Doctor in the background.

Oops. I think the wrong end of the line got the force of that blast. At this point I should probably admit that I had clued Andrew in to what was happening. As the only older sibling home this night, I knew his reaction would set the tone for everyone else. I also know him well enough to know that surprises aren't really a good thing. So he's just enjoying himself as the whole scene unfolds.

Just look at all those faces; each one telling exactly what that child was thinking. Yes, even The Good Doctor's face tells us what he was thinking.

Do you think HopeAnne might be a tad upset? Shoun, on the other hand, is sheer joy while Isaac's mind is still computing what just happened. Andrew is enjoying himself way too much.

Here's where The Good Doctor decides to make a run for it while Shoun's brain is shouting, "Get him!" Hope is going home to tell her mommy.

Shoun is ready to bolt while Hope is really mad now.

Shoun is saying, "Get him, get him, get him...." while Andrew is thinking, "You don't have any water yet, Kid! What are you going to get him with?"

Hope is definitely gone and so are the 11 year olds.

Great show, Mom. Thanks.

Sorry, no more photos after that. I had to put the camera in a safer location; it was inevitable that someone was going to turn on me sooner or later. And great fun was had by all.

Well, not so much by HopeAnne, until we were all finished, cleaned up, and hopped in the hot tub. She liked that part.

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