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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kitchen redo

About a week ago, the Good Doctor once again obliged one of my bizarre ideas, by painting chalkboard paint around the top of our kitchen walls, and down the side of one cabinet. He knows to just do as he's told and to not ask too many questions. Secretly, I think he was just glad I wasn't asking him to knock out a wall, expand and upgrade the kitchen. What's a can of paint in comparison to that?

I, on the other hand, knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

It's all connected to putting the Word of God in our hearts, and posting it on the doorframe of our house.

Thanks to my wonderfully artistic daughter, we now have verses about speech. They've all come from the wonderful blog challenge for 31 Days of Replacing "Baditude" with God's Word and Gratitude (although my little artist did skip a few words - oh well). So far we're still in the warm-up week. But we do have our bracelets and we are already much more aware of our words and how they affect others.

Come join us?

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