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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom is great...

It's Mother's Day.

The day when your children say, "Happy Wider Hips, Bulging Stomach That Will Forever Think It Needs Room to House an 8 Pound Bundle, A Bladders That No Longer Works, Gray Hairs and Perpetual Sleeplessness Day." Okay, they don't really say that. But that's what they mean.

I usually know it's Mother's Day because I get a warning 24 hours prior when the Good Doctor loads the troops in the van for a trip to Wal-mart. They come home with silly grins, a few carefully selected cards, and at least one child with loose lips who will let slip the wondrous news that I am soon to be the proud owner of a new candle, Eeyore pajamas, a frying pan, or dish drainer (yes, they are all true stories).

A week ago they knew Mother's Day was coming because their wonderful Sunday School teachers had them make cards which each and everyone of the youngest members immediately handed to me after church. Shoun handed me one which said, "Happy Mother's Day From Jesse." I paused for a few seconds, trying to figure out why Jesse's teachers would ask a high school kid to make a Mother's Day card. I couldn't. So I asked Shoun who said, "Oh yeah, that. It's from me but I was thinking about Jesse when I made your Mother's Day card so I wrote his name." If it's the thought that counts, what does one do with lack of thought? Oh well. I decided to hide the cards until this week so I could put them on the table the night before, walk out to the kitchen and say, "Oh look, you made cards for me. How special."

So I was a little confused this year when the van stayed parked in the driveway all weekend. I thought maybe they had forgotten my special day. But there were a lot of rumblings about a trip to Color Me Mine and a misplaced Hallmark bag. I considered taking the Good Doctor's purchase out of the bag, writing a glowing tribute to myself inside, and then replacing it as if it had never been touched. But I was good; I just handed it over and suggested he fill it out himself.

Before the sun could rise this morning the Good Doctor was trying to wish me Happy Mother's Day with his snores. I accepted by suggesting he find another place to worship me in due fashion. A few hours later I was again awakened by a very enthusiastic young child, who opened and shut the door just to see if I was awake yet. I faked it long enough for her to make this door opening gesture at least three times before I finally resigned myself to starting my day. By that point the Good Doctor had persuaded the poor child that she had to wait to distribute her gift until lunchtime.

I received several well-wishes as I came to breakfast. Along with two Mother's Day hugs from the child who most takes after his father. Guess what Isaac's love language is?

I sat down to type a note to my own mother, while my 7 year old tried to ask a very pressing question. Apparently I ignored her three times before she finally got through. I reminded her that I cannot do two things at once to which my second oldest responded, "Yoga pants." That got my attention. With a smile on his face he admitted that it was his idea to get me yoga pants for Mother's Day, in honor of my favorite comedian, Tim Hawkins. However, the sketch in question was revealed at the most recent Tim Hawkins show for which I had to give up my ticket when we couldn't find a sitter for the little girls and without being there, the Good Doctor didn't think I'd understand. So Jesse gave me the gift of laughter this morning by referring me to this sketch of Tim Hawkins trying to figure out his wife's secret to parenting success. While I think yoga pants would have been a great gift from Jesse, I'm also thinking they'd be an ever better gift for the Good Doctor for Father's Day.

Instead my children honored me with a very large gift card to Panera Bread. My mom also knows me well and sent me the same thing. Looks like I'll be able to run away to Panera this year when I need a break instead of hiding out in the bathroom feigning constipation. Thanks, everyone! I also have a specially painted mug from Eden and a heart shaped ceramic container that Hope says is painted like Jupiter.

But the best part of the day was reading the cards. John's words stated (and I'm putting it here so you can all help me hold him accountable to this): "I am so incredibly blessed to have you as my wife and the mother of all my children - those in our family, and those yet to join the band."

To all my current band geeks - I love you! And to my future band geeks - What are you waiting for? Get yourselves on over here already!


  1. Thought you might like to know - I was feeling the need for some extra mom-power today, so, inspired by this post, I pulled out my yoga pants. I'm already feeling better.

    1. Good to know that it really works. I just might have to go shopping for a pair after all. :)