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Monday, October 3, 2011

Grateful thanksgiving for appreciation

Did you know that...

National Law Enforcement Month occurs during the month of August?
Local Maintenance Employees get a week in December?
February is Plumber Appreciation Month?
May is set aside for teachers?
Jurors are appreciated in September?
June is Improv Coach Appreciation Month?
National Certified Nurse Anesthetists' Week is in January?
Kitchen workers are celebrated in November?
March is Social Worker Appreciation Month?
Rugby Refs are appreciated in July?
Those of you who don't have a job but prefer to volunteer, your month to be appreciated is April?

And of course, the one that I'm sure came to mind during all of this appreciation - October is Pastor Appreciation Month. In what has been dubbed the "worst best-kept secret" at McBIC, the pastors and families were duly appreciated on Friday evening. From VIP parking, to roses, snacks, skits, laughter, and gifts, we felt the love.

But I have to admit, I went into the evening with a large amount of naivete and confusion about what the evening would hold. Apparently I've raised the next generation of ill-informed pastors' children, because we did our best to prepare ourselves but it seems we were way off the mark.

We assumed there would be singing. Of this we were correct. We were incorrect in the song lyrics, though. We somehow assumed that all music would be sung to the praise of the pastors. Something like, "Layne, we lift your name on high...Dave, we love to sing your praises...I'm so glad Doris's in my life... But it kind of fell apart at the "I'm so glad John came to save us" part. We did think that "Sing to the King" might work, but even that had its flaws. We tried a few others but all fell short at some point. Thankfully the event planners had already figured it out and they kept with the lyrics as written.

On a side note, I will admit the King corner of the audience had a bit of trouble keeping straight faces when the first song flung up on the wall was one of the songs we had attempted to rewrite. And I was certain that "Multiply your love" was chosen especially for the King family, a request to add to the numbers of our clan. Hey, if the church says so, who are we to oppose?

But this is where I get serious long enough to thank Stacy, Malinda, the skit writers, host families (especially the Armstrongs), actors, and all other planners and coordinators for the time that went into appreciating the pastors and their families. I had to force my children to go (they didn't share my enthusiasm) but every one of us had a wonderful time. We've enjoyed reading through the many letters and words of encouragement. The gifts will keep us well fed for some time to come. Thank you for the laughs; my voice is still strained from an over-abundance of hilarity. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for announcing to everyone in attendance that Cindy does not like to be touched. This will do one of two things: 1. Keep people from getting too close or 2. Encourage those with a sense of humor to attempt multiple hugs on Sunday mornings. I guess I can let it slide. I am a pastors' wife, after all. Forgiveness is my middle name. Or was it organist? Hospitality coordinator? Or maybe I'm thinking of my Native American name, Hard-Shell-Soft-Heart? Too many names, I can't remember.

Speaking of pastors' wives, my research uncovered the fascinating information that January is Pastors' Wives' Appreciation Month. It seems to encourage polygamy, doesn't it? Oh well, John's dad always said, "Be like Jesus and love 'em all."

If you are wondering when the plumbers' wives' appreciation month is, I'll have to get back to you. I'm still looking for that one on-line.

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