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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Many thanks

I know there is at least one person who reads my blog. I don't know if there are others or not but this particular person attends my church and apparently felt sorry for me last week. I know because I received a very nice gift.

No, it wasn't the Good Doctor. You know how the song goes, he doesn't bring me flowers anymore and all that stuff. The president of the board on which I serve did send me flowers last week. It was nice to know she appreciates my work. But I'm not talking about that, either.

Actually, there must be two people at church who read my blog. There's John (not to be confused with The Good Doctor) who calls me the Erma Bombeck of McBIC and then there's the person who gave me this thoughtful gift. Unless they are one and the same. But I don't think so.

The gift I'm referring to, which was found in my church mailbox, was a carefully concealed pack of cigarettes and attached was a very thoughtful note, "Cindy, I hope next week is better than this past week, but if not . . . you might want to try these."

I'm glad there's someone who appreciates, and apparently shares, my sense of humor. Many, many thanks to whoever you are.

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  1. That is great! Love it! Maybe it is the same person who put coconut balls in Dave's mailbox last year after he specified what kind of cookies he would NOT do taste testing on (including coconut). Anyway...just so you know...I am completely innocent. So it was not a small group effort, lest you may be wondering :)