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Sunday, October 9, 2011


No, I'm not pregnant with twins. Don't even go there. I thanked the Lord every time that ultrasound showed only one baby. I watched two aunts each raise a set of twins. More power to them; God knew they could handle it. I could not. And no, we're not adopting twins, either. Not yet.

But we did celebrate two birthdays today.

Isaac has come to introduce himself at King's Strings concerts by saying, "My name is Isaac and I'm also 10 but I'd like to get this out of the way by saying that Shoun and I are not twins." He usually gets some good laughs from that one. It was originally my joke and he stole it but that's okay. We all have to start somewhere, and his delivery is spot on. That's my kid!

Truly, I was once asked if Shoun and Isaac are twins. To the soccer coach's defense, it was over the phone that he first "met" the boys and he didn't ask birthdates, only ages. Of course, without seeing the boys, and hearing that they were both 10, one would assume that they are twins.

And believe it or not, Eden was once asked if she and Shoun are twins. Funny since they are 4 years apart in age and they don't look a thing alike. But in this young boy's defense, he naively assumed that two people in the same family, sharing a birthday, must be twins.

But twins or not, we did have two birthdays today. Since Eden had already celebrated, today was Shoun's turn.

We started out our day bright and early at 6 AM (Dad had to leave early for church since he was preaching and Mom had to leave early since she was acting) with the traditional birthday donut. Shoun watched his donut disappear under 11 candles as we sleepily sang Happy Birthday.

Then he had to wait 12 more hours to find out who the surprise guests were. Showing little emotion, but clearly happy, he waited outside to welcome his Kenyan relatives to our home for dessert. So much fun! He must have thanked John and me about 10 times after everyone left.

After 2 days of baking and sneaking sugary desserts, it's time for a break. I could honestly feel my pants getting tighter as the day went on yesterday. At least I get a week's break before it's Jesse's turn for all this birthday fuss.

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