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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday night football

Having attended a peaceful football-less high school, I was previously naive regarding the lure of Friday night football. Now that we have someone to watch, we decided we should make the trek to the stadium for the first game of the season. So, we packed everyone into the van and headed out for an educational experience like none other.

Walking past the baseball fields on the way to the stadium, Hope noticed the empty baseball bleachers. She couldn't believe her luck at having found front row seats for the whole family, that is until we told her she had the wrong stands. But that was nothing compared to the shock we received at the gate. The coach should like us because paying for the King family to enter, I do believe we supplied his salary for the season.

Our friendly MASH Wildcat had informed us that his cheerleader friends would be providing face painting so Hope and Eden were looking forward to this, that is until Hope passed the first of these similarly clad high school fans. She decided this must be the face painting that had been mentioned and she didn't want anything to do with it.

Turns out my husband and I do complement each other very well. He kept me informed of the happenings of the game while I gave him a running commentary on the antics of the mascot...chasing the girls

...eating the captain's cheer chart (he thinks she'll be not-too-happy about this later)

...getting some brotherly advice on mascoting (or maybe on girls, who knows)

...doing The Worm

...standing out in a crowd.

You know, this was actually fun for everyone. The little girls had fun collecting the various seed pods that had fallen onto the stands from the nearby trees. Shoun liked walking up and down the bleachers. Isaac enjoyed the band performing next to us. Mariana searched for friends. I'm beginning to see the draw. We'll have to make this a regular happening.

But maybe we should take out a loan first.

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