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Monday, September 19, 2011

We've taken over

This blog, formerly written by our dear wife and mother, the one and only Cynthia Joy King, has been temporarily taken over by those who love her most. We fear she has finally cracked.

It all started this morning when I, John, approached Cindy while she was homeschooling and asked this statement, "Dear, Honey Bunch, Love of my Life, I am coming to you because I am about to leave on some errands and I know how much it means to you when I speak your love language of "doing" so I'm wondering what I can do for you? Out of my unfailing love, humility and perfection, I am willing to serve you in any way. What do you need? Just name it, and I will take care of it." How was I to know that without missing a beat my wife would respond by asking, "Can you get me a pack of cigarettes because I'm really considering taking up smoking? Any idea what brand I should start with?"

It went downhill from there. Later in the day she was on her way to the piano to practice with one of the younger children and with a sense of foreboding she said to me (Mariana), "If you hear a loud bang, don't worry. It's just my head hitting the piano because I've played Suzuki Book 1 songs for TOO MANY YEARS!"

Maybe it was because she came in the kitchen this morning to find the left-overs from a teen boy football-watching, popcorn and ice cream-eating party. Maybe it was the trip to the chiropractor, when he told her she's suffering from a virus and sent her home with more pills than a person should take in one day. Maybe it was because during school this morning she read one too many run-on sentences. Or maybe it's because our computer is not working and the kids have been using her laptop and now it, too, has the spinning wheel of death. Or was it when someone poked holes in her prize-winning pumpkin, saying he just wanted to see if the arrows he was fashioning were sharp enough. They were. Maybe it's because someone walked off with the attachment to the vacuum so she had to clean the den carpet with just the open end of the vacuum.

Yeah, we think that might have been the straw that broke the camel's back because the last we saw of her she was vacuuming the top of Isaac's head, mumbling something about a flowbee and suggesting that if we didn't do something quick she just might have tears running down her leg.

Camels. I think I'll get her some Camels. And you can join us in praying that she is back soon.

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  1. Australia is a better alternative to Camels!