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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 13

We don't have a garden. Not that we don't want a garden, but with less than a quarter of an acre, and most of that under large shade trees, it just doesn't work. So, other than a raspberry patch and maybe a tomato plant or two, we don't even try anymore.

We compensate for our lack of home-grown vegetables by joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and have done so for about five years. We have a compost bin where most of our food waste is thrown but occasionally I will just throw something in the back flowerbeds. Pumpkins always find their favorite resting place out there. So it's not surprising that we typically have a volunteer pumpkin plant or two, sometimes even a few volunteer tomato plants. But this year we got some type of mutant volunteer pumpkin plant. It has completely taken over the area in front of my laundry room door so that I can't use it.

From there it goes past the compost bin, over a bush...

...around the corner of the house...

...and is heading toward the road out front.

On the other side of the laundry room door, it goes past the hot tub...

...and is well on its way to the neighbor's fence.

So far we've harvested this beast and we look forward to many more pumpkins which have just started to grow.

Maybe I have a green thumb after all.

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